March 17, 2012

THE ART OF COLLAGE By Doug & Gene Meyer

Beautiful, Odd, Sexy, Historic and Glamorous are just some of the types of imagery that we surround ourselves with in our work and living spaces. We have been creating environments built from the layering of pictures on walls for as long as we can remember. We use glue, tape, push pins, nails or whatever means it takes to get an image on the wall. Our latest obsession is Pinterest where we can be found “pinning” some of our favorite images on-line. Here is a glimpse into our world of collage.

Doug's Miami bedroom - the walls are covered with images that all share the color BLUE. It took about 6 months to collect and install the collage (books, magazines and photographs were used). Then they were layered with more images of art and sculpture. The rug in the foreground is one of ours. 

Doug (left) in his New York apartment hallway - the theme was all black & white imagery (done in 2008). Gene (right) in one of his earlier studio's in SoHo - every wall in every room was covered in collage (done in 1995).

The guest bedroom in Gene's Miami house where the main theme is people.
AD FRANCE,  April 2012  Photo: Jason Schmidt


The hallway in Doug's New York apartment.
MODERN Magazine, Spring 2012  Photo: Mark Roskams

Guest room in Doug's Miami home. The walls are covered salon style with framed art (drawings, photographs, paintings, lithographs).
INTERIOR + DESIGN Russia,  May 2010  Photo: Mark Roskams

A wall in Gene's first office (New York City).
COSMOPOLITIAN Magazine, 1993  Photo: Michael Luppino

A wall of of drawings, photographs and paintings. Project for a New York City client.
AD GERMANY,  September 2011  Photo: Mark Roskams

Gene's desk in our  Miami studio.
HOME Miami, July 2008  Photo: Mark Roskams

Doug's desk in our Miami studio.
HOME Miami, July 2008  Photo: Mark Roskams

Another black & white themed wall for a New York City client. The drawing is by Joseph Stashkevetch. 
IDENTITY Magazine,  September 2011  Photo: Mark Roskams

Doug's Miami living room - an early version with collage walls created using photographs, framed art, wall sculpture and pages from magazine and books. The rug is ours.
AD FRANCE,  June 2009  Photo: Mark Roskams

AD FRANCE,  June 2009  Photo: Mark Roskams

A recent New York project we did using 8.5" x 11" sheets of colored paper. We designed over 500 graphic images, printed them out individually and created this collage room. The rug is ours. The Marilyn is by Andy Warhol and the hanging sculpture on the right is by Cristina Lei Rodriguez.
NEW YORK MAGAZINE,  November 2011  Photo: Floto + Warner

Doug's New York apartment - framed photographs are by Cindy Sherman.
AD CHINA,  June 2011  Photo: Mark Roskams

- Doug and Gene

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  1. It all looks so wonderful when YOU do it....when I try, it looks like a stack of old mags vomited on my walls :-/


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