April 13, 2012


Bright Young Things!
It's 2012 and the glamorous, beautifully dressed teenage brother duo of Peter Brant II and Harry Brant are livening up life at the top, much like Stephen Tennant did in 1920's England. While still in his late teens Stephen Tennant couldn't have cared less what people thought of his Vaseline lacquered eyelids, Charles James pajamas and sequined lamé  bed, knowing he was insulated from ridicule by his great beauty, a large chemical fortune and English titles to boot. Peter, Harry and Stephen, all grew up in large country houses with the added joy of glamorously beautiful mothers and very rich daddy's.

1. The original Bright Young Things - Cecil Beaton photo of Stephen, Cecil and their gang. 2. Today's BYT's -  Michelle Harper, Peter Brant, Harry Brant and Crystal Reen (photo Coco Rocha - via Instagram)3. Cecil Beaton portrait of the Honorable Stephen Tennant (1906 - 1987).

1. Stella Tennant photograph by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia. 2. Stephen Tennant photograph by Cecil Beaton. 3. Stephen Tennant in his silver lamé covered bedroom by Cecil Beaton. 4. Stella Tennant photograph by Irving Penn. 5. Stephen Tennant photograph by Cecil Beaton. 6. Stella Tennant photograph by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia.

The beautiful tomboy and supermodel Stella Tennant is a direct descendant of Stephen and their fabulously eccentric family that also includes Lord Glenconner (Colin Tennant), the man who bought Mustique and turned it into a jet-set paradise.     

The Brant boys always seem to be together and also share a twitter account that is an amusing and clever account of life at the top as glamorous teenagers.

A Peter tweet; If I've learned one thing in my life it is that diamonds go with everything...

A Harry tweet; some people call me ravishing.... others describe me as breathtaking.... but honestly, I'll let you decide! see, I'm very giving!;)

From Stephen Tennant's diary as glimpsed by Emma Tennant: "Rest the eyelashes for a month. My resolution: no mascara, no eye pencil..." 

Your daddy's rich and your mama's good lookin.....

Daddy is billionaire, art collecting, polo playing publisher Peter Brant and mama is supermodel Stephanie Seymour.

Stephanie Seymour and her gang of future style icons.
Dylan, Peter, Harry and Lily Margaret.

Time To Play

1. Crystal Renn, Zac Posen, Coco Rocha, Michelle Harper, Peter Brant II., Harry Brant, Sophie Theallet. 2. Harry Brant wearing leopard. 3. Harry and Peter Brant.

Top: Harry Brant with Shala Monroque and Peter Brant II at his birthday party. Bottom: Peter and Harry 
(Peter Brant born 1993. Harry Brant born 1997) 

Six Degrees Of Separation

1. Michelle Harper. 2. Lauren Santo Domingo and Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis. 3. Crystal Renn. 4. Coco Rocha (photo Nelson Simoneau). 5. Zac Posen.

Coco Brandolini and Derek Blasberg.

Winner of the best mask and bow tie award goes to Harry Brant.
Harry and Michelle Harper

Michelle Harper

Peter and his friend, model Nick Hissom - they almost look like twins.
1. Model Nick Hissom. 2. Peter Brant. 3. Nick and Peter. 4. Nick (photo Zai Z Feng).

left to right: Zac Posen, Vogue style editor at large and daughter of Princess TNT - Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis, Harry Brant and Peter Brant

Peter Brant II, Dylan Brant and Harry Brant

Peter, Michelle and Harry.

Harry tweet; nothing succeeds like excess...

Michelle Harper in a Brant brother sandwich

Harry tweet; I just passed by a house with Thanksgiving decorations...Honestly thanksgiving decorations?..Repulsive! Hueh.

left: Michelle, Peter and Harry. right: Cecil and Stephen

You guys are so cool, but Stephen we'll always love you the most...

- Doug and Gene

To read more about Stephen Tennant buy Serious Pleasure: The Life of Stephen Tennant by Phillip Hoare

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