May 28, 2012

Color Monday

Green and blue have ALWAYS been my two favorite colors. I tend to like blue better - which is why I decided to force myself into a green world. The catalyst for the color choice was the lime green fabric I covered a set of French fauteuil chairs in. I decided to match the floor to the fabric and had all the floors done in poured lime green resin. I removed most of the moldings and had the main rooms painted in a matt green. I love the combination of a shiny floor to dull walls. The art was the star and in the living room and dining room there is no pattern -  the backdrops (walls and floors) are green and the furniture is all upholstered in grey – which allows the art to really be seen in a less obscured way. Architectural Digest France have kindly described this project as my most important work for 2011.

Over the past year or so the apartment has graced the cover of HOME Journal from Hong Kong and has been featured in Architectural Digest Germany, Architectural Digest Russia, Architectural Digest China, IDENTITY Magazine (Dubai), Residence (Netherlands) and most recently in MODERN Magazine in the US. As usual I always get itchy to create something totally new – so Gene and I have been very busy creating an entirely new environment. Stay tuned.

The living room features a vintage Florence Knoll sofa. The Metal tables are Pierre Cardin.
Photo: Mark Roskams

Another view of the living room - the round photograph is by Japanese artist Izima Kaoru.
Photo: Mark Roskams

A gold wood sculpture by Louise Nevelson dated 1959 sits on top of a Paul McCobb table. 
The head is one of my pieces from a new group I have been working on of collage sculptures. 
Photo: Mark Roskams

The dining room table is Pierre Cardin from the 1970s. 
The glass and brass sculpture on the table is by Rory McEwen dated 1966. 
The drawing on the far wall is by Joseph Stashkevetch.
Photo: Mark Roskams

The dining room is dominated by two works from artist Joseph Stashkevetch
although they look like photographs they are actually drawings - the matt quality of
 the works is so beautiful.
Photo: Mark Roskams Architectural Digest China

Another view of the dining room - Architectural Digest Germany.

Left: me in the dining room. 
Right: a view into the living room looking down the collage covered hallway.
Photos: Mark Roskams

Floor plan of the 700 square foot apartment.

Two views of the kitchen which houses my collection of fashion illustrations from 
the 1950s thru the 80s. Works by Kenneth Paul Block, Rene Bouche
Oscar de la Renta, Dior, Gene Meyer (of course) and others. 
Photos: Mark Roskams

Left: the living room seen looking thru the collage hallway.
Right: the bedroom also seen from the collage hallway.
Photos: Mark Roskams

The bedroom upper walls are covered in a turquoise Indian silk and the bottom 
half are upholstered panels covered in grey flannel that surround the room. 
The bergere chair is upholstered in a silk velvet. 
The wonderful portrait of a man in the center is by 
my brother Gene - the work on the far left is Eugene Berman.
The blue velvet shoes are Paul Smith 
(I have actually never worn them - I just like to look at them)
Photo: Mark Roskams 

The cover of HOME Journal, July 2011

The bedroom with it's all flannel panels and bedspread.
The pillow I had made from a pattern Gene designed for his Spring 1996 mens wear collection (below).

Gene Meyer Spring 1996 Menswear collection.

Two more views of the bedroom - 
showing the Andy Warhol Marilyn that I have had for 20+ years and has moved with me from place to place.
Photos: Mark Roskams

Left: My living room in Miami 2002 with the Marilyn over the fireplace. 
Photo: Troy Campbell
Right: My florida room in another house in Miami with Marilyn. 
Metropolitan Home, 2010

My dressing room walls are covered in vintage fabric designed 
by Shirley Craven for Hull Traders.
The tray houses part of my extensive collection of Gene Meyer ties. 
The printed leather wallet designed by Gene is available
 at our on-line shop (shameless plug)
The portrait is another of Gene's color pencil drawings of men.
Photo: Mark Roskams Architectural Digest China
Gene Meyer printed leather wallet

Another view of Doug Meyer's dressing room. The three pencil portraits are by Gene Meyer.
The small table is from a collection we designed in 2005 called Positano Drink Stands.
Photo: Mark Roskams Architectural Digest Russia
Positano Drink Stand - powder coat metal with concrete top designed by Doug and Gene Meyer, 2005
Photo: Moris Moreno

Doug Meyer in the entry hall. 
Walls covered in Joseph Frank linen fabric called La Planta.
The oil on linen painting is by Valerie Jaudon.
Another one of my collage sculptures stands next to me - this one is titled Sheclops.
Photo: Mark Roskams Modern Magazine

X doug

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